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Drug Testing

Truck Driving On Highway

DOT Drug Testing

DOT drug testing is federally mandated for any safety-sensitive employees in roles that are regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Our standard 5 panel DOT drug screen looks for the most commonly found drugs in the workplace. They are: amphetamines, cocainemarijuana (THC), methamphetamines, PCP (Phencyclidine), and opioids.

Currently, the DOT’s only accepted method for drug testing is the urine test.

Updated 2020 DOT random drug testing regulations

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association and the United States Coast Guard now require random testing to include at least 50% of your employee pool (up from 25% in 2019), in addition to pre-employmentpost-accident, reasonable cause/reasonable suspicion, and return to duty drug testing.

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Non- DOT Drug Testing

PSC Diagnostics delivers a reliable and experienced team for your drug testing needs.

We promote safe and a healthy work environment with our drug testing services.

Quick, efficient, reliable, and discreet drug testing for businesses and individuals throughout South Carolina. Our dedicated team of professionals goal is to provide accurate results with minimal risk for error.

PSC Diagnostics professionals are knowledgeable & customer service based to make you feel comfortable before, during, and after the drug testing process. 

Truck Driving On Highway
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